Department of Defense & Veterans Affairs Interoperability Failure-Factors

As lead-contributor for a GWMSIST technical project-management study on the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Interoperable Electronic Health Record (iEHR), I examined the failure-factors delaying electronic-medical health care records exchanged between the two legacy-systems (see section below).  In order to facilitate the aforementioned, DoD recently termed a joint-contract to Cerner and Leidos, industry-leaders in EMR, chartered to deliver a… Read more →

Google AdWords: The Art of Scrum && Quintuple-Constraint

 As a graduate-student at The George Washington University – School of Business in pursuit of a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology, I recently published a case-study on Google AdWords.  I’ve developed a newfound respect for Agile methodologies, more specifically Scrum.  I recall encountering a work by Jeff Sutherland predicting that academics will study business-management science within the context of pre/post-Scrum, as a watershed moment in history.… Read more →

A Contribution to Danielle Sucher’s Ruby Case vs. Conditional-If via FizzBuzz

Although code bootcamps are hailed for a practical education in programming, best practices for long-term efficiency are compromised for rapid proficiency.  Don’t get me wrong, the bootcamp movement should be celebrated for leveling-up the economy and empowering the disenfranchised(let’s hope the urgency for accreditation and federal loans doesn’t inflate bootcamp tuition prices), but University will endure as a place for… Read more →

Accidentally Spilling Your Secrets.yml

The above Git command was necessitated after utilizing the Figaro gem to create environment variables for secure authentication. For additional questions or concerns, consult the Git Prune documentation.  DISCLAIMER: Pragmatically, and for the love of Git, avoid the agony below by including secrets.yml in .gitignore FIRST, then git add ., git commit -m, then create the secrets.yml file, otherwise, if using Rails 4.1 or newer,… Read more →

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Job 314

“With kings and counselors of the earth, who built for themselves places now lying in ruins;” -Job 3:14 In observance of recent market turmoil precipitated by numerous factors, but principally by the devaluation of RMB and overall uncertainty with respect to China, I couldn’t help but reminisce once again about my undergraduate studies back at GW BSchool involving another prescient call I made within… Read more →


This week marks my return to The George Washington University in pursuit of a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology (MSIST).  The hybrid graduate business program crossed by computer science will begin with Introduction to Programming Fundamentals with Java and Information Technology Project Management.  Naturally, I thought about my undergraduate years, precipitating a flood of academic nostalgia, including a recollection of… Read more →

New Local Lead Generation Book

  I’m very proud of my brother and mentor, Phil Singleton of Kansas City Website Design & SEO, co-authoring Local Lead Generation, now debuting as #1 Hot New Release on Endorsed by BNI Chairman Dr. Ivan Misner, Copyblogger’s Brian Clark, Duct Tape Marketing’s John Jantsch, New York Times bestselling author Michael Port, and numerous tech company CEOs around the country.   For more information, please feel free to review the… Read more → => A Flattering Citation

I’m delighted to announce that my first co-development,, was recently referenced in a psychology text book entitled, Community Psychology: Foundations for Practice.   The bibliography cites:   “Many websites offer electronic networking options specifically designed for neigborhoods.  In addition to Front Page Forum, described in the McKibben article cited (, examples include I-Neighbors (, Neighbortree (, and Nextdoor (  The… Read more →

Why GW? On Returning to My Alma Mater for Graduate School

Returning to my alma mater, albeit virtually, is a “connection of my dots,” as Steve Jobs so eloquently phrased it.  The George Washington University School of Business pioneered the Master of Science in Information Systems Technology in 1980, which was a remarkably prescient move.  Now, GW is leading the revolutionary forefront of modern education by offering curricula online— so why GW? … Read more →

The Builder’s Prayer

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius After a solid Sunday of network experimentation with one of my good friends from Rockhurst, Nick Starke-perhaps the greatest mathematical and technical mind I’ve ever known, I continued programming another app well into the evening. A few hours later, he pinged me… Read more →