Month: June 2020

Opt out of the Panopticon: Running grapheneOS on a Google Pixel 3

whatchukno about dat burner? Ironically, the first time I ever laid eyes on the word “panopticon,” was on facebook back in college- some French-Canadian pop-tart (who I oddly never met in person) posted a picture of an early schematic; conceptually, it was as foreign to me as the word itself: basically, it was an English philosopher’s creative approach to imprisonment… Read more →

Stereotype Threat Redux: A Random Walk with Thomas Sowell

“I’m truly colorblind; I don’t see race but I do see class.” Stephen Colbert In my opinion, stereotypes are somewhat of a paradox, which may sound completely naive, perhaps even obtuse, coming from a middle-American, white male in Tech.  Thus, it is impossible for me to empathize with stereotypes but I can certainly sympathize.  On one hand, I recognize that… Read more →