How to Make a Tor Router with the Raspberry Pi 3

Adapted from the original How to Make a Tor Router with the Raspberry Pi, I enumerated the procedure below within the markdown to create a Tor router for connection via Wi-Fi to encrypt web traffic and assigned IP-address. The Tor Project aims to create an encrypted and anonymous internet network. You can use this as a secondary network for more privacy or perhaps bring it on the road where permitted- think of it as privacy-protected hotspot.

  1. sudo apt-get install ufw
  2. sudo systemctl enable ssh
  3. sudo systemctl start ssh
  4. sudo ufw allow 22
  5. sudo raspi-config
    1. Change wlan-option to host country (eg “United States of America”).
  6. sudo apt update
  7. mkdir ~/tor_wifi
  8. cd ~/tor_wifi/
  9. wget -O
  10. chmod +x ./
  11. sudo ./
  12. Do “Enter” to start the script.
  13. Type in the name you want to give to your Tor Wi-Fi network.
  14. Confirm the password.
  15. Restart pi.
  16. cd ~/tor_wifi/
  17. wget -O
  18. chmod +x ./
  19. sudo ./
  20. Again, press “Enter” to start the script, and all you have to do is wait. At the end of it, the Raspberry Pi will restart automatically.

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