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After graduating from The George Washington University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business, I began my career as an asset management intern for the Real Estate Finance Division of PNC Bank, N.A. On the fly, I quickly learned about elementary algorithms to reconcile datasets within Excel. Four years later, as a capital markets analyst routinely extending financial-model logic with VBA, I realized my newfound technical proficiencies became something more profound-a passion, which ultimately forked my career into programming. Now, as a full-stack engineer trained in the art of business, I am empowered by a unique intersection of skill-sets. If I can be of service, or perhaps answer any of your questions about finance or technology, I invite you to contact me directly-thank you!
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How to Create an E-mail with a Decentralized Identity Sent over the Ethereum Blockchain

Part 1: Set-up a Metamask Wallet on Firefox or Google Chrome Go to and download the plug-in for your corresponding web-browser, presumably Google Chrome or Firefox. After installing the metamask plug-in, create a username and strong password for your new ethereum wallet- this will be accessible via the Google Chrome or Firefox extension; store these credentials with a secure-password… Read more →

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“In the long-run we are all dead; it is the short run that counts- but the question is how long will the short-run last?” asked Ludwig Von Mises within the preface of his seminal Theory of Sound Money and Credit; he bluntly answers his own question by blaming statesman and politicians considerably overrating the duration of the economic short-run, which… Read more →

The Peach Tree Dance: How to Cut Down a Tree

Of all the things I’ve accomplished in web-development to date, my Peach Tree Dance YouTube video is probably one of my proudest productions as a jack-of-all-trades programmer showcasing a range of skill-sets including videography, photography, drone pilotage, Adobe Photoshop and Apple Final Cut- not to mention expertise in wielding a Husqvarna Rancher-series chainsaw for my first time ever cutting-down an… Read more →

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The Easiest Way to Build a Bitcoin Mining Rig with Honeyminer

After experimenting with many cryptocurrency-mining clients on multiple builds over the past year, I’d like to share one of the easiest ways to efficiently mine Bitcoin using the honeyminer mining client for Ubuntu 18.04; if you have already constructed a GPU-mining rig resembling the build featured on my How Build an Ethereum Mining Rig, I invite you to try installing… Read more →


InfoSexy: How to use Hashcat to Crack Passwords in Ubuntu 18.04

This tutorial is a mash-up derived from several blogs and presentations: LinuxBabe’s 2 Ways to Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu 18.04 Changjiang’s Blog re: Nvidia GTX 1080 on Ubuntu 16.04 for Deep Learning Install NVIDIA GPU Drivers on Kali Linux Infosec Institute’s Hashcat Tutorial for Beginners A special thanks to the great @nstarke for once again sending me down the InfoSec rabbit-hole.… Read more →

How to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig

In the next evolution of my GWMSIST independent studies developing a Bitcoin Mining Rig with a Raspberry Pi, I constructed a mining-rig capable of mining Ethereum i/a/o 240 Mh/s.  I include in-depth documentation and a YouTube screencast divided into three-parts- beginning with: Parts List and Building the Rig; Configuring the Miner to Mine Ethereum with ethOS and nanopool; and the… Read more →

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How to Mine for Bitcoin with a Raspberry Pi

As a part of my independent-studies at GWMSIST, I researched how to build cryptocurrency mining rigs; this blog is segmented into a two part-series tutorial which I’ve outlined below, beginning with the purchase of a parts list and Raspberry Pi set-up segueing into configuring the Bitcoin mining client with Minera; each part includes the corresponding YouTube screencast embedded directly beneath… Read more →

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GWMSIST Rental Car Inventory Relational Database System Research

– data analysis is easy but insight is paramount for actionable reporting: getting the right data is just as important as getting the data right. Database administration — from architecture to deployment — is always easier said than done because it requires multi-dimensional professionals empowered by unique intersections of skill-sets in order to interpolate reality into business-logic for data-processing; databases are just as easily taken for… Read more →