Month: January 2017

An infographic detailing all aspects of User-Experience design.

Metaphors, Learning and Flexibility in User Experience

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of Metaphors in U/X? Pro: Relatable.  Regardless of learning-style, we can only begin to understand a new idea or concept by relating it to knowledge of something already understood, which is why metaphors are so prolific in programming- from “spinning-up” a new AWS ec2-Instance to “forking a repo,” computer-scientists can only begin to learn… Read more →

A picture of Kirsten Stewart at her directorial debut premier of Come Swim.

Prescience is Only Appreciated in Retrospect: Artificially Intelligent Cinematography

  The word technology is derived from Greek– a synthesis of two words,  “techne” : “logos” : : “art” : “logic” | “The art of science and the science of art.” Dr. Vannevar Bush’s As We May Think peels deep into the future, over seventy-years before his time, extrapolating precursory technologies now taken for granted: from “relational databases,” to “dry… Read more →