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GoldenEye: Running Bitcoin from Space with Blockstream

Briefing: Why is this Blog-Post Entitled “GoldenEye”? Well, without spoiling arguably the best James Bond film ever made, GoldenEye was a remarkably prescient movie at the time of production (1995) (let’s face it, folks- Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond ever; not only that but the film also launched one of the first wildly successful gaming franchises).  One of the… Read more →

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Running Lightning on a Raspberry Pi with RaspiBlitz

There is a contingent of Bitcoin-rogues (some falsely claiming to be the prophet Himself, Satoshi Nakamoto) who argue that “Satoshi’s Vision” was designed to be a decentralized peer-to-peer cash system and because Bitcoin does not currently scale as quickly at 7 transactions per second as centralized payment systems currently processing 24,000 transactions per second, like Visa and Mastercard as reported… Read more →

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How to Set-up a Tor Bridge with a Raspberry Pi using Ubuntu Server

The United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) developed “The Onion Routing Protocol” (Tor) to securely relay intelligence online via layered encryption. This tutorial demonstrates how to build a Tor-Bridge relay with a Raspberry Pi 2, which is essentially a decentralized node relaying a constituent layer of encrypted-data that is ultimately combined with the entire layer of data processed in part… Read more →

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How to Run a Bitcoin Full Node on a Raspberry Pi 3/B+

Parts List Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (Please note, this demonstration does require at least a Raspberry Pi B + (also note, as of this tutorial release date (08/25/19) there is no stable Ubuntu distro available for Raspberry Pi 4 models). Samsung 512GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC Evo Select Memory Card with Adapter (MB-ME512GA/AM). Mouse and Keyboard. HDMI monitor. CAT-5/6E cable. MicroSD… Read more →

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How to Create an E-mail with a Decentralized Identity Sent over the Ethereum Blockchain

Part 1: Set-up a Metamask Wallet on Firefox or Google Chrome Go to and download the plug-in for your corresponding web-browser, presumably Google Chrome or Firefox. After installing the metamask plug-in, create a username and strong password for your new ethereum wallet- this will be accessible via the Google Chrome or Firefox extension; store these credentials with a secure-password… Read more →

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“In the long-run we are all dead; it is the short run that counts- but the question is how long will the short-run last?” asked Ludwig Von Mises within the preface of his seminal Theory of Sound Money and Credit; he bluntly answers his own question by blaming statesman and politicians considerably overrating the duration of the economic short-run, which… Read more →

The Peach Tree Dance: How to Cut Down a Tree

Of all the things I’ve accomplished in web-development to date, my Peach Tree Dance YouTube video is probably one of my proudest productions as a jack-of-all-trades programmer showcasing a range of skill-sets including videography, photography, drone pilotage, Adobe Photoshop and Apple Final Cut- not to mention expertise in wielding a Husqvarna Rancher-series chainsaw for my first time ever cutting-down an… Read more →

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The Easiest Way to Build a Bitcoin Mining Rig with Honeyminer

After experimenting with many cryptocurrency-mining clients on multiple builds over the past year, I’d like to share one of the easiest ways to efficiently mine Bitcoin using the honeyminer mining client for Ubuntu 18.04; if you have already constructed a GPU-mining rig resembling the build featured on my How Build an Ethereum Mining Rig, I invite you to try installing… Read more →


InfoSexy: How to use Hashcat to Crack Passwords in Ubuntu 18.04

This tutorial is a mash-up derived from several blogs and presentations: LinuxBabe’s 2 Ways to Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu 18.04 Changjiang’s Blog re: Nvidia GTX 1080 on Ubuntu 16.04 for Deep Learning Install NVIDIA GPU Drivers on Kali Linux Infosec Institute’s Hashcat Tutorial for Beginners A special thanks to the great @nstarke for once again sending me down the InfoSec rabbit-hole.… Read more →