Websites by Alex Singleton

Showcasing exceptional and minimum viable products.

Co-founded and developed a neighborhood social network platform amassing over 5,000 registered users in 120 communities throughout the U.S. Featured by TechCrunch, Mashable, killerstartups, SlapStart, REbliss and Bloomberg.
Bucephalus Holdings
A special-purpose entity chartered to facilitate offerings in financial analysis, software engineering and web development.
BlocMetrics: API Tracking Service and Reporting Tool
An analytics tracking service tool allowing administrators to monitor user activity and report results. Built on Rails and hosted on Heroku.
A web app for financial analytics and reporting.
A production quality SaaS app that allows users to create their own wikis.
A production quality social bookmarking app that allows users to email, manage and share bookmarked URLs. This production is currently under development.
Bloccit: A reddit Clone
A Reddit clone built on Rails and hosted on Heroku, enabling authenticated users to post, comment, vote and upload content.
Blocitoff: A Self-Destructing To-do List Application.
A Rails utility application featuring rake automation that enables authenticated users to create self-destructing to-do lists. Hosted on Heroku.
Open To-do API: External API with Authentication
An API for a to-do list application, so users can authenticate and manage their information externally.