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Bucephalus Web Development Reports First Testimonial by Preeminent Kansas City Fitness Studio, Health House

A profile picture of Jon Knopke, CEO & Founder of Health House

Jon Knopke, CEO & Founder of Health House

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 25, 2016 / Yahoo! Finance / — Bucephalus Development, LC (AKA “Bucephalus Web Development”, “Bucephalus Dev” or “The Company”) proudly announces the first testimonial by a premier client within its exclusive stable of companies, Health House of Kansas City. Incorporated in 2013 as a modern health and wellness studio offering bodyweight-centric cross-training combined with WaterRowers, “Health House could be the ‘SoulCycle of rowing-fitness’ -and so it will be our honor to continue supporting their ambitions with state of the art web development, hailed by Jon Knopke, CEO and Founder of Health House, ” said Alex Singleton, CEO and CTO of Bucephalus Web Development. Mr. Singleton’s quote references a recent review published by Mr. Knopke:

A profile picture of Alex Singleton, CEO & CTO of Bucephalus Web Development

Alex Singleton, CEO & CTO of Bucephalus Web Development

“In my experience, the world of web development is full of hacks but Alex Singleton and his organization at BucephalusDev made quite an impression with our team at Health House, standing-out as professionals who knew what we wanted and how to get it done. Although his proposal commanded a premium, which was initially hard to swallow given how “big-box shops” like Wix and SquareSpace advertise much cheaper prices, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for- and what we got was return on investment in the form of more phone calls and more clients- all verified by his weekly analytics report. I would highly recommend Alex and his team to any executive trying to grow their business.”

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