The Easiest Way to Build a Bitcoin Mining Rig with Honeyminer

After experimenting with many cryptocurrency-mining clients on multiple builds over the past year, I’d like to share one of the easiest ways to efficiently mine Bitcoin using the honeyminer mining client for Ubuntu 18.04; if you have already constructed a GPU-mining rig resembling the build featured on my How Build an Ethereum Mining Rig, I invite you to try installing Ubuntu on your SSD hard-drive and installing the honeyminer one-liner recently introduced by their labs.

Step 1: Installing Ubuntu 18.04

Follow along my YouTube screencast or proceed with the below instructions.


Download Ubuntu 18.04 and Burn ISO

  1. Go to Ubuntu Desktop download page and download Ubuntu 18.04.
  2. After downloading the ISO file, burn the image on to a USB thumb-drive with the unetbootin tool (Mac users) or the Rufus tool (Windows).
  3. Insert USB thumb-drive into mining-rig.

Install Ubuntu on Mining Rig

  1. After turning on the mining-rig, immediately hit the F2-key.
  2. Click on the boot-menu.
  3. Ensure that the USB thumb-drive containing the Ubuntu 18.04 iso file is selected.
  4. Save and Exit

Updating Ubuntu

  1. Hit the Option-key or Windows key on keyboard and type in “Software Updater” within the Ubuntu-OS search-field and then hit enter; that should prompt the Ubuntu-updater- upon completion, select the “Install Now” button and then enter system-password.
  2. After running the Ubuntu-updater, restart the system.
  3. For the sake of thoroughness, update Ubuntu 18.04 from the command-line by running the following commands in sequence.
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade
  • sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  • sudo reboot
  1. After running the above commands, restart Ubuntu or simply type sudo reboot from the command-line.

Ubuntu Preparation for SSH (Optional)

  1. Download net-tools by running sudo apt install net-tools
  2. Run ifconfig -a or ip addr show to identify the host-IP address or name to access via SSH.
  3. Prepare Ubuntu-environment for SSH
  • sudo apt-get install openssh-server
  • sudo ufw allow 22
  • sudo reboot
  1. Download nMap (optional).
  2. Run nmap -sn your-device-ip-address to ping Ubuntu instance; it should return the name of the Ubuntu-host or computer name in additon to the IP-address within the terminal output.
  • e.g. nmap -sn
  1. Run ssh -v username@your-device-ip-address or ssh -v username@computer-name
  • e.g. ssh -v alexanderjsingleton@ or ssh -v alexanderjsingleton@alexanderjsingleton-ubuntu

Downloading and Installing Honeyminer

Follow along my screencast above or proceed with the below instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the following command within your terminal-window (command-line) within the Ubuntu 18.04 home-folder: bash <(curl -s
  3. After running the above command, the honeyminer client will install into a folder “hmlabs” by default and then automatically start after install, prompting the user to enter a valid Bitcoin address; if you don’t know how to set-up a Trezor wallet, check-out my other post How to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig and scroll-down to “Part 2: Configuring the Miner to Mine Ethereum with ethOS and nanopool” or follow along my YouTube screencast, How to Set-up a Trezor Wallet to Send/Receive Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  4. After entering in a valid Bitcoin-address, the honeyminer app should successfully begin mining.
  5. If a honeyminer restart is ever required (e.g. in the event of a reboot), navigate into the “hmlabs” directory and type ./hmm to run the honeyminer-app.

Update: Economics and Payouts

If you followed along my screencast above in entirety, you’ll noticed I initially encountered some trouble with my on-board GPUs (8 * Asus Nvidia 8 GB GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs). As I explained in the screencast, I reported the issue to the honeyminer team; they have since resolved the issue on the most recent release. I will update this post with additional information within the next month, specifically about Bitcoin mining hash-rates and economic-schedules including pay-outs- stay tuned, folks.

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