JavaScript: So Hot Right Now…

As I understand, JavaScript is responsible for the behavior of a given site-meaning-how the site responds when interacting with a user. Before the advent of JS, static web pages were relegated to HTML/CSS; the appearance of a web page could interact with a user through the use of forms. Upon population, the form is sent by the user and retrieved from the server to generate a new static web page within the browser. So, the user is required to populate forms then wait for a retrievable page. JS actually converts a static page into one dynamic page that doesn’t necessarily require a new page to load upon request. The page may be respectively adjusted if need be. JS effectively reduces the amount of physical effort and bandwidth required to navigate a site.

Moreover, JS enables problem-solving without back-end components, such as including animations into the subject page to attract attention. Additionally, JS can integrate new images, objects or scripts into the web page without necessarily reloading the entire page, even passing requests back to the server and handling responses from the server without the need for loading new pages.

Although compatible, JS isn’t the only way to build interactive sites, but its intuitive design dovetails with HTML and CSS, optimizing incorporation of browser tools. Furthermore, some visitors may not have JS enabled browsers, so a page must accommodate according to end-users.

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